While it might not be a conventional outing idea during the cooler weather, some people enjoy going camping. Winter camping will usually require more gear and clothing than camping in the summer, but luckily in South Africa the temperatures the weather will rarely reach below freezing. And with off-road camper hire, you will be protected from whatever weather you might experience. 

When you are booking an off-road camper be sure to consider what you will be packing based on the weather. You and your family or other campers will likely need more clothing, which means you will need more space, making an off-road camper the ideal solution. You will also need plenty of waterproof covering if you are camping in a province that has wet winters. Below is a list of everything you will need to pack for winter camping. 


Keep It Cosy with a Sleeping Bag


When the evening comes around and you need to curl up and fall asleep, it is the sleeping bag in your off-road camper that will be keeping you warm. It is important that, for winter camping, you choose a sleeping bag that is made with thermal capabilities and that is a little larger than a summer one. This will allow you to sleep comfortably with more layers on without overheating and becoming uncomfortable. 


Warm Up With Winter Clothing


The most important items you will need for winter camping are your clothing. You will need a few long-sleeved t-shirts, long pants, warm sweaters or hoodies, hiking boots and wellington boots, warm socks, waterproof jackets, and warm pyjamas or even thermal underwear. Bundling up in this warm clothing will allow you to enjoy the brisk winter days while camping and make the most of the beautiful nights, all while staying warm in your off-road camper. 


Light Up the Night 


When you are camping with your family, whether in a tent or an off-road camper, you will need a way to light up the cooking and eating area that still allows you to use your hands with ease. You should invest in a headlamp so you can cook with ease in the dark winter evenings. You should also bring along lanterns, candles, and matches for plenty of light sources, as the evenings can become darker much quicker than summer. 


Bring A Big Backpack


When you go camping in an off-road camper vehicle, you will likely have enough space for all of your necessities. However, if you decide to go hiking during winter, or if you need to bring along extra clothing, you will need a much larger backpack than you think, as winter clothing and equipment is larger and needs more room. Look for a backpack that can hold 55 litres (a common measurement used for backpacks) as this will provide you with ample space for your essentials. 


Pick a Powerful Stove


Cooking while camping is no easy feat, and can become even trickier in the winter months. Lighting a fire and waiting for it to be the right temperature to cook on can take hours, which you might not want to spend outdoors during winter. Instead, you could opt for an off-road camper trailer that has a built-in stove that uses gas to be heated. This will allow you to cook plenty of warming, hearty meals to feast on after a day of hiking or exploring. 


Make It Comfortable With a Mattress


When you are camping during the summer, sleeping in a light sleeping bag is often more than comfortable enough, especially on those balmy evenings. However, during winter, you will need something a little more sturdy and comfortable underneath your sleeping bag. Luckily many off-road campers are equipped with camping mattresses to provide additional padding and warmth for those cold wintery evenings.  


Make Winter Memories


Going camping in winter can be as exciting and thrilling as a summer camping holiday. Making use of an off-road camper trailer will allow you to sleep comfortably and stay warm, but there are some other important items to take with you for a cosier vacation. Remember to pack a sleeping bag and be sure to pack a headlamp and lanterns for better lighting. 

Having a large backpack with you will ensure that you can easily bring along all the extra essentials you might need. Choosing a built-in camping stove that allows you to cook with gas will help you to have hot, tasty food to refuel after a long hike. If you would like to tap into the benefits of an off-road camper trailer for camping, speak to Base Camp Rentals today to find out how we can help you.