Going camping with a camping trailer allows you to bring along all of those little extras that you might have left behind otherwise. You can have a comfortable, “home away from home” so to speak, but it is important not to over pack your trailer, as this could be highly detrimental to its stability on the road. If you are new to camping, knowing how and what to pack might be a little tricky. 

If you are booking a camping trailer you should know how to pack it efficiently. You will need to prioritise your packing based on essentials and for comfortable and safe travel. You should also pack items strategically for optimal use of space while travelling so that nothing is loosened in the trailer if you cross bumpy roads. Not sure where to start?  Below are some top tips for how to safely pack a camping trailer for your next adventure. 


Start With a Checklist


The best way to start packing your camping trailer is to start with a checklist of everything you will need for a successful trip. Your list should contain all the items you will be taking with, as well as items you think you might need. You will fortunately not need to bring along items such as cooking equipment or camping mattresses, as many camping trailers provide these already.

You should include on your list all the bedding you will be taking, in case some is missing at the end of the trip, what clothing items your children or family members will be taking with them so that everything is easy to find, and what food and ingredients you are bringing along. Having a clear list will help you to keep track of everything and ensure that nothing goes missing during the trip. 


All about Organisation


Once you have your checklist settled, you can move on to organising the items by way of least essential to most essential. This will also help you to see if everything will fit in the camping trailer, and can help you to see which items you might really not need at all. If you have too many items, you might need to rethink which ones you really need. 

Start by placing the non-essential items at the back of your camping trailer, and be sure to make use of the ample storage that these trailers have for cutlery, crockery, and food. This will ensure that everything you need the most is within easy reach and not able to move around easily when the trailer goes over bumps or potholes. Be sure to secure all items with ropes or bands if they are not in storage. 


Distribute Weight Evenly


An important aspect to remember when packing your camping trailer is that the weight should be distributed evenly for optimal towing. This can be done by placing the heavier items at the bottom or the lowest points of the trailer. This will prevent them from falling while you are driving and breaking other items. Towing a camping trailer with even weight distribution is also easier. 

If you experience bad weather conditions while towing your trailer, having the weight unevenly distributed might make it difficult to control your trailer. Lighter items can go in higher places, but it is a good idea not to pack anything into the internal cupboard space in the camping trailer because this could easily fall out if you drive over bumps or take corners. 


Pick Perfectly Planned Meals


Having a list of the ingredients you will be taking with you can help to pack only what you need, but having planned meals can help you to take this even further. It might sound like a good idea to pack plenty of tinned food and non-perishables, but these can become heavy and might displace the weight of your trailer. 

If you are able to buy the ingredients from a store nearby your campsite, it is better to do so as this will limit the weight your trailer and car will be carrying. Be sure to stick to the list of ingredients as much as possible and do not purchase extras that might not be needed. Planning your meals will mean that packing is easier and more efficient, especially when stocking the shelves in the camping trailer. 


Remember To Have Fun


Packing your camping trailer for an adventure should be fun for everyone involved. Following some simple tips and tricks can make it more effective, especially if you are allowing your children to help, as they may assume that everything they want to take with them is an essential item. 

Start with a checklist, think about organisation, spread weight evenly, and remember to plan meals that do not need a large number of tinned ingredients. If you would like to hire a camping trailer for your next outdoor adventure, contact Base Camp Rentals for more information today